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View High-Res image. Boker's offers chemically resistant washers Minneapolis, MN--April 14, 2011--Boker's, Inc. announces washers and spacers made from a variety of chemically resistant materials. Many harsh environments require washers to withstand a variety of chemicals and abrasive, corrosive, high purity, or viscous fluids. Depending on the specific chemical, temperature and application, a variety of materials may be suitable.  Boker's chemically resistant products provide manufacturers with quick access to washers and spacers fit for their specific applications. Popular chemically resistant washer materials include ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE and PVC, PVDF. For detailed information on Boker's chemical resistant washers please visit: Boker's chemically resistant washers and spacers are used in a variety of industries such as and not limited to agriculture, semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, automotive and aerospace. Chemically resistant washers are shipped with REACH compliance documentation when requested.  REACH is the European Community Regulation involving the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances. Most chemically resistant washers are REACH compliant, depending upon the specific material specification. In addition to chemically resistant materials--and over 2,000 total material variations--Boker's provides endless washer and spacer possibilities with 25,000 non-standard flat washer and spacer sizes available without tooling charges.
Boker's new 2010 Washer Catalog is now available, featuring 24,000 non-standard flat washer and spacer sizes--all offered with no tooling charges! This free, easy-to-reference catalog includes Boker's full line of washers and spacers, with outside diameters from 0.08" to 5.140" and numerous inside diameters and thicknesses. Boker's has immediate access to more than 2,000 material variations to provide endless washer and spacer possibilities. Choose from materials including low-carbon sheet steel, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver--as well as many non-metallic options. Tools available for non-metallic materials are listed in boldface for simple reference. To request the 2010 Washer Catalog, call toll-free: 1-800-927-4377, visit our online Information Request form or download the PDF version.
Minneapolis, MN--February 22, 2010--Boker's, Inc. announces they have added a new 150-ton press that enhances the company's comprehensive metal stamping capabilities. The stamping press performs progressive tooling, accomplishing multiple operations--including stamping, blanking, piercing and forming--at once, decreasing secondary operations and lead times. Along with improving productivity through progressive tooling, the press offers increased capacity for long production runs. It features a 12-inch feeder and is capable of 200 strokes per minute--easily fulfilling complex, high volume stamping orders for the automotive, electronics, aerospace and medical markets. To see how this new capability can help your company please call us at 860-571-7474 or
We wanted to take a moment to our customers and principals and thank them for their business.  These relationships are especially important as we enter our 61st year.  Much has changed since 1949, but our commitment to providing the best service possible to those we do business with remains the same. Merry Christmas! Larry Graves Wendy Clattenburg Bill Sheahan
  Minneapolis, MN--October 8, 2009--Boker's, Inc., announces its free 2010 Scheduling Calendar and Metric Conversion Chart. As an industry leader in stampings and non-standard washers and spacers, Boker's designed the 2010 calendar to serve as a one-page scheduling tool--complete with an easy-to-use metric conversion chart on the back. Boker's 2010 Scheduling Calendar spans 15 months, with Sundays and holidays conveniently marked in red. Also, the handy metric conversion chart includes the decimal and millimeter equivalents for common measurements, including 1/64 to 1 inch, plus inch equivalents for measurements from .1 to 100 mm. With over 90 years of experience, Boker's offers over 24,000 flat non-standard washer sizes with no tooling charge and 2,000 material options, including low carbon steel sheet, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and nickel silver. Non-metallic materials such as ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon and PTFE are also available--providing millions of washer possibilities. Boker's, Inc. is a Woman Owned, ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of high quality stampings and non-standard washers and spacers. To request a complimentary copy of the company's 2010 Scheduling Calendar and Metric Conversion Chart, contact: Boker's, Inc., 3104 Snelling Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55406-1937; call (TOLL-FREE) 800-927-4377 or visit
  Minneapolis, MN--August 31, 2009--Boker's, Inc., announces 665 new washer sizes are now available. The new sizes join the company's line of 23,000 non-standard washer and spacer sizes to effectively provide endless solutions for a broad range of application requirements. Washers are available without tooling charges in short, medium or long runs. With more than 90 years of industry experience, Boker's provides miniature washer sizes with outside diameters as small as 0.080". For applications requiring larger sizes, possibilities are available with ODs up to 12". Washers are offered in a choice of more than 2,000 commonly specified and hard-to-find materials, including low carbon sheet steel, five types of spring steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Non-metallics--such as ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, PTFE, polycarbonate, fiber, polyethylene, and various phenolics--are also available. Customers can obtain the exact washers or spacers they need in five days or less. For an immediate quote visit Boker's, Inc. is a Woman Owned, ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of high quality stampings and non-standard washers and spacers. To request a complimentary copy of the company's Washer Catalog, contact Boker's at 612-729-9365; TOLL-FREE 800-927-4377 (in the US); Boker's, Inc., 3104 Snelling Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
If you need copies of any NADCAP, ISO or other certifications for any of our principals, please let us know, most are available for download or can be emailed at your request.